TALENT TEST 2021-2022 - Important Announcement - Creative Art Club – The Peace Montessori” Celebrating YELLOW COLOR DAY - Mr. Ahmad Tashfeen Khan “CEO of The Peace Group, receiving Shield of Excellence” from Honourable Chairman Mr - “Mr. Muhammad Awais Khan, Principal Nowshera School – Presented with Honorary Shield from Honourable “ -


Ψ΅Ψ―Ψ± ΩΎΨ§Ϊ©Ψ³ΨͺΨ§Ω† Ψ¬Ω†Ψ§Ψ¨ عارف ΨΉΩ„ΩˆΫŒ پیس کی طالبہ Ω†ΩˆΨ± Ψ§Ω„Ψ­Ψ±Ψ§Ω… کو Ψͺعریفی Ψ³Ω†Ψ― دیΨͺΫ’ ΫΩˆΨ¦Ϋ’  

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