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Training Cell

As we proclaim that everything at The Peace for students is done in a systematic way, Training cell is the source fountain to irrigate all the segments of environmental, academic, personal and psychological persona of our next generation. At the Training Cell, different teams work systematically to plan, implement, observe and reinforce different aspects of curricula, policies and different activities concerning different areas of The Peace System.

The teams at the Training Cell at first plan each segment of as academic session. Experts are involved to devise multidimensional strategies to work upon the mind and personality of students at different age levels. We are not creating book worms but clarifying the textual concepts, we plan to work upon various intra and inter personal skills. All these entities are very thoughtfully planned to be adjusted in a very limited available span of annual academic calendar.

In the next phase, these policies are conveyed to all the concerned individuals who get directly or indirectly involved in the implementation and execution of all above mentioned plans. Professional Trainer conduct different training sessions for Heads, Coordinators and teaching staff.

After getting the plan clearly conveyed, the Team of Observers regularly visits all the campuses to ensure the implementation of standards with true spirit. Report are generated after these observations to spot out loop holes in the system. This fact in once again a sort to training process.

On the bases of reports generated by observation team, corrective measures are taken to stamp the mark of excellence so that our next generation may get well equipped with the true sense of education. Things are reinforced consistently not to leave any stone upturned to better the future of our children. So Training Cell works like the life line for The Peace System.

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